Order Cancellation

Digital files

You have right of cancellation upon the completion of the agreed upon service. You need to understand that you will lose your right to cancel the order or service that you are paying for when the order is completed.


You can cancel your order if:
- The order have status  “Open”, “Preview sent”, or “Approved”
-  Order has not been Invoiced


You can not cancel your order if:
- The order have status  “Completed” or “Sent”
-  Order has been Invoiced


Possible reasons for cancelling an order:
- product or service no longer needed
- duplicate purchase order created

Print materials

All of ordered products come personalised to the customers’ specification and are printed after clear approval. As a result of which returns will be not accepted. If the print materials are found to be faulty within a reasonable time after the delivery has been made, you may reject them and claim a refund. If the damage is found later on, or if you delay in making a complaint, you will still be entitled to a repair or, if a repair cannot be done without causing you significant inconvenience, a replacement. If a replacement is not available, you may claim a part or full refund of your money.