Why You Should Hire a Dedicated Graphic Designer Rather Than a Design Agency


When it comes to corporate logos and designs for professional needs, most people do tend to hire experts to do that job for them. If you are one of those owners who would want this done by a professional, you might want to know that hiring a dedicated graphic designer would get you more than hiring a design agency to work for you.

A dedicated graphic designer is someone that is not professionally affiliated with a design firm or agency and works independently. Here are some of the main reasons why a dedicated graphic designer is a right for your designing needs:

1. The rates that they charge are often lower.

Many dedicated freelance graphic designers are often working from their homes that they usually convert to their personal offices. This means that they can afford to not charge you for overhead costs, unlike the creative agencies who need to pay for rent and other overhead expenses that they need to charge you to stay afloat.

2. Flexibility is a graphic designer’s game.

More importantly, if you have a small business wherein every second count and it directly affects your profit drastically, having a flexible contractor will be a welcome addition that will satisfy your business needs. Design firms have fixed working schedules for their designers and tapping them in the middle of the night for a sudden change in the request would be very hard. You won’t be having problems with dedicated graphic designers with regards to their schedule as they can willingly adjust theirs in accordance to your changing needs.


3. They can provide a specific kind of service in accordance to your requirements.

While most dedicated graphic designers have specific expertise on a particular genre, some are multi-disciplinary and can do various tasks assigned to them, even though they have to take different approaches on the main design. Also, when hiring a design agency, they can allocate a designer that best fits your requirement. On the other hand, though, you can also look for a dedicated graphic designer who will do their best for you. Furthermore, they can do things even more efficiently and of the required quality.

4. They could allocate more time and discuss your needs further.

Since a dedicated graphic designer is hired for a specific task, they will devote their time to that task and create an assurance agreement confirming that they can deliver and finish the tasks correctly and on time. Their communication lines will be more reliable compared to a designer from an agency or a firm, and they are more likely to be contactable at any given time of the day.

5. They are more open to multiple and drastic changes.

While designers from firms or agencies may also have this trait, dedicated graphic designers are much more flexible in terms of doing a task and more often than not, be open to it. Since they are mostly available on flexible hours, they can be more attentive to your various needs and would be able to satisfy your immediate requests more efficiently.

These are some of the benefits of hiring a dedicated graphic designer. It may be a case to case basis, but for very specific graphic design needs and a fast and flexible turnaround, dedicated graphic designers would help you out much more efficiently. If you want topnotch customer service with high flexibility and adaptability for your needs, you should seriously consider hiring one for your business.