Tips for Making the Most of Your Print Marketing Materials

Even in this chaotic age of digital media and advertisement, print marketing hasn’t lost its oomph. As much as our community is becoming dependent on electronic-media endorsements, customers are wholly convinced when provided with detailed and professional printed pieces of the products. Therefore, it is essential to use the right marketing materials; brochures, catalogs, flyers, business cards, manuals, posters and many more variations of print marketing materials can help your business to expand and support in effectively approaching your target audience. For this aim, we will discuss main directions that will steer you towards gaining success in ‘offline marketing’. In this article, we are listing 4 top tips for making the most of your print marketing materials:


Hire a professional designer

No matter how innovative and creative is your personality’s artistic streak; you MUST consult a good designer. However you may have to pay through the nose. Appointing graphic artists, advertising agencies or design studios will eventually be profitable for your business promotion. Interesting, impressive and professional designs capture clients’ attention and make it stay. Go for an engaging design of logo and stationery packages. Professional artists will always ensure uniqueness in layouts and schemes because they do it for a living.      

Try to learn the printing principles.

Obviously you cannot become a graphic designer overnight. But search and look for ideas. Read about printing and its basic principles. If your printing person sounds complicated and incomprehensible, ask for simpler, elaborate explanation. It is an essential part of marketing business to have a complete understanding of how the printing materials depict your corporate personality. Some underlying design principles will further build your knowledge such as:   

• keeping the look simple and uncluttered,
• using headings and subheadings for clear understanding,
• avoiding excessive typed text,
• being more illustrative with photos and charts.
• focusing on white space.
• adopting the standard formats for print materials, and
• captioning or describing figures and pictures of your products.

Spot UV Printed Flyers and Leaflets

Your audience

Creativity is directly promotional to your customers. A good understanding of public psychology in relation with your brand will result in appealing advertisement. One must target their audience’s ‘needs’ or ‘pain points’ to gain their attention. As technology s progressing, multi-sensory art is being implemented. Consider adding multilateral patterns/designs such as 3D effects, embossments, textures and other variations to engage the viewers. Another important detail is that your literature pieces should have a one-unit characteristic; parts of a singular project of the same company.  

Limited time offers

A very common yet effective strategy is putting up a timer. Unlike digital marketing, printed marketing materials boost up urgency only if the marketed products are on time dependent offers. Merchandise with an early expiration date/ limited time discount offer is easily chased by potential customers. This will also give you an advantage of keeping a track of the resultant turnaround.