The Importance Of Responsive Mobile-Friendly Web Design

For the last couple of years, responsive web design has been a dominating factor in websites, with many businesses adopting this module and process to transform the way they are creating their own presence online. The main theory behind having a responsive website design basically means that the website will be able to adapt with the screen that it is being used on, irrespective of the device that the website is being opened in. Having a responsive website design enables the website to provide the user with a better user experience as the text and design of the website automatically reformats itself to suit the screen it is being viewed on. Having a responsive website design is also responsible for providing your website with a number of different benefits including Google recommendations. With its inception in 2010, this form of website designing has been in vogue since the year 2015, with many important updates perfecting the style and format further over the years.

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The need for having a responsive web-design

With the dawn of the smartphone era, the usage of internet on the mobile has increased rapidly, with more and more users turning to their mobile screens in order to access information and browse various websites. According to a statistic above 50% of the world’s internet users, make use of their mobile phones while accessing the internet and this trend is only increasing with the passage of time. Smartphones, provide the users with the facility of accessing the internet on the go and not everybody can afford a laptop or a desktop, thereby making smartphones the choice of device for browsing the World Wide Web.

As 4G came into existence, the subscriptions that people had for smartphones have skyrocketed with an initial subscription for 4G being at 2.7 million going up to reach a staggering number of 23.6 million. As per a statistic calculated in the year 2016, usage of internet on mobile phones had overtaken the usage of internet on desktops, which is a clear indication of the popularity of smartphones for browsing the internet as compared to other devices like desktops and laptops. In the modern times, everything, starting from ordering tickets, shopping online, carrying out banking as well as ordering food is done via applications that are available on smartphones. If you are a business owner and you happen to have a website, it would be a very unwise decision on your part to not opt for a responsive web design for your websites. Having a responsive and mobile friendly web design for your websites will enable you to cater to the vast majority of population who access the internet via their mobile phones. Not having a responsive web design would result you in losing out on this huge customer base and therefore not maximizing on the potential avenues of profitability that your business holds. User experience is another important aspect that needs to be taken care of while providing your services to potential customers and having a website that adapts automatically to the device it is being used in will ensure that the users have a soothing and holistic experience.


Create the most effective designs

Being a business owner you understand the importance of creating a lasting impression, when it comes to your clients and customers, new or old. Having a responsive mobile design is the key to creating this lasting impression in a day and age where smartphones are extremely popular and the choice for accessing the internet. Surma Design is a company that enables you to create efficient and effective mobile friendly web designs. With the main motto of being accessible to everyone, Surma Design is perfect for businesses of any size, and they guarantee complete support, time and effort to ensure that your web design is one of a kind, capable of attracting and engaging your desired clients. The websites that we design are Google friendly and optimized for mobile phones, guaranteeing your company being able to take advantage of the vast pool of customers that are mobile users.